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14 September, 2017

Tatyana (Moscow)

I place orders abroad three or four times a year, and now I will work only with your company.



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12 August, 2020. Kaluga

Zacharias Georgiou

Very good service

Warm Feelings
Warm Feelings
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12 August, 2020. Yekaterinburg


Excellent service. Beauty arrangements. Fast delivery. Kind price. Thank you for your sympathy.

Warm Feelings
Warm Feelings
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07 August, 2020. Moscow

Lorenzo Toro

The service was fast, but unexplicably only the first 3 letters of the 600 letters message I wrote was contained inside the postcard. Moreover, it was written by hand and not printed like the last time. This quite ruined the surpirse.

10 August, 2020
Quality Service Department of Megaflowers
Dear Mr Toro,Thank you for your review. We are so sorry to upset you, but we print just big texts in order to make some mistakes passing our worker outdoor because, unfortunately, not all flower shops have a printer. As you message was small we wrote it by hand. We are so sorry again and kindly ask you to accept a coupon which was emailed you. We hope to see you again in our company and wish you all the best!Sincerely yours,Megaflowers

14 July, 2020. Pyatigorsk



12 July, 2020. Blagoveschensk


Great service, they were in contact with me in order to ensure the flowers can be delivered. With no doubt, I’ll choose this service for my next gifts. Thanks


12 July, 2020. Krasnoyarsk

Matt Winson

Awesome service. Fair price. Great delivery. Girlfriend loved the flowers. Thank you to everyone involved.

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12 July, 2020. Ryazan

Diana & Raul

Amazing service! Would definitely buy again!!

Diana & Raul

12 July, 2020. Ryazan

Patricia Mendes

I was worried because the order did not arrive on time (8-11) so I contacted the support. Very friendly professional assured me that everything would be solved asap and it was. The flowers were indeed beautiful and well arranged, the card was written with beautiful handwriting, better than I could ever do hehe. I really appreciate and recommend these professionals.

26 June, 2020. Vladivostok

GUIGNERY Sebastien

Thanks a lot for beautiful flowers. You make happy my friend and also me :-)

18 June, 2020. Moscow

Savas Sidiropoulos